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: our principals

Maureen ("Mo") Hayes Phillips
Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner

Maureen, known to all as Mo, has the overall responsibility of managing the Short Sale process, which includes negotiating with lenders, coordinating all of the third party professionals involved in the process and, most importantly, keeping our most valuable asset, our clients, informed and comforted throughout the process. The execution of a short sale is how Mo measures success, one client at a time.

Mo's extensive experience in the mortgage industry makes her uniquely qualified for success in the short sale business. Mo speaks the language of the lenders and knows what bankers need to get deals done. With a background covering 14 years of mortgage underwriting, credit analysis and origination, Mo understands real estate investing, including what it takes to get into an investment and what it takes to get out.

In addition to Mo's Undergraduate Degrees, she has Graduate Level Certification in Human Resources and is a licensed real estate broker. Mo has also served on several condominium boards throughout her career, several of which are in Florida. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mo spent 8 years with Peterson Consulting, where she experienced how corporate America works.

A Chicago native, Mo co-hosted for several years "Making Money in Real Estate" on WLS AM 890 in Chicago.

Joel Shapiro
Chief Financial Officer and Founding Partner

Joel has been instrumental in the development of the SSS National Short Sale Solution platform and strategy which emphasizes the needs of our clients. Joel focuses primarily on the dynamic and constantly evolving credit, government regulation and tax issues that are so critical to the short sale industry and sharing that information with our clients and their advisors.

Joel comes to SSS National, LLC with an MBA in Taxation and a BS in Accounting. Joel is a CPA and was the National Director of Real Estate at the international accounting firm BDO Seidman for over 20 years. In addition to being a CPA, Joel is a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Joel has been a featured speaker at numerous professional conferences dealing with troubled residential and commercial real estate, structured real estate finance, real estate tax planning and securitization of real estate mortgages

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