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Q: What are the documents I need to sign to engage the services of SSS National, LLC?

A: Each document that you need to sign is unit specific; The SSS National, LLC - Engagement Agreement; A Power of Attorney (Note: The Power of Attorney must be signed AND Notarized).

Q: What other documents will I need to sign during the process and through the Closing?

A: Documents provided at the request of your lender such as the Hardship Letter and in some cases a so called "4506 Form"; Just before the Closing of the short sale the title company will send you a specific form of Power of Attorney so that you can authorize SSS National to close on the Short Sale of your unit.

Q: Where can I have a document notarized?

A: You can find a notary in most Banks, Fed-Ex/Kinkos, UPS Stores and Law Offices.

Q: How do I write my Hardship Letter?

A: There are several ways to discuss the hardships of your situation. For some it might be financial hardship, for others, an investment that is so far underwater there is no way to recover. We will assist you with the Hardship Letter.

Q: What are the tax implications of a Short Sale?

A: Follow this link to Short SaleTax Implications.

Q: Once I retain your services, will I continue receiving calls and legal notices from my lender?

A: They will be significantly be reduced if not eliminated, however, legal proceedings and legal notices can not be transferred to us.

Q: Can I rent my unit during the Short Sale process?

A: In most cases Yes. Please talk to us regarding your specific situation.

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