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Will A Short Sale Work?
> Yes. With a successful Short Sale you will sell your unit and your lender will accept the proceeds of sale in full settlement of your mortgage.
Am I Eligible For A Short Sale?
> Yes. If your condo unit or house is worth substantially less than the amount of your mortgage, you are eligible for the SSS National Short Sale Solution Program.
Why Use SSS National?
> Because we already have investors that are willing to buy your unit at the fair market value your lender will accept.

> Because we specialize in working with owners of units in condominium projects.

> Because we are experts in Short Sales and WE CLOSE.
Costs and Timing?
> SSS charges ZERO FEES to the property owner. As part of your enrollment in the SSS National Short Sale Solution Program we will send you our Engagement Agreement which provides a detailed description of the terms and conditions of our relationship with you.

SSS National Delivers!
> This is all we do. We specialize in Short Sales and WE CLOSE!

> The Short Sale Process typically takes up to 120 days.
SSS National Short Sale Solution Program?
> We will handle all of the paperwork, negotiations and deliver the buyer of your unit(s).

Resolution and Peace-of-Mind
> No more phone calls, letters, mortgage payments or association dues!

> Sell your unit, get out from under, move on with your life and gain peace of mind.

> Let's start a conversation today.

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